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Your search is complete, check out So-Cal Haul Away and Junk Removal. Were a local company capable of handling massive projects. Above all else we place customer satisfaction at the helm of our business. We strive to achieve and build positive results which is why most of our customers love to come back to us and refer us to their friends.


Dealing with a clutter mess at home? Want to get rid of all that old junk but dont know how? Give us a call. We will be there to take you step by step through the process. Our services vary from furniture removals, in home clean outs, remodeling clean up, yard waste and more.


Furniture disposal can be a complicated topic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Where to dispose of the trash? Where to dump it? So many questions. One sure thing that you should do is not lug your big old couch and throw your back out in the process. Junk removal near me has all the answers you need. Our trained and experienced professionals handle each job with care.


Moving out of your house and you don’t want to take the old furniture with you? You got all the items you wanted to take with you the only thing you didnt do is clean up the mess. We offer house clearance services that handle that last annoying step of cleaning out your home for you. Don’t skip the last step. The people moving in after you won’t be happy!


Hoarding is a real problem in America today, believe or not. When the day comes when you feel like you are ready to dispose of all the items you’ve been hoarding junk removal near me can be the doctor that takes care of your problem. We’re a professional junk removal company, we have experienced pro’s on the job and we’ll come in and deal with what’s needed to be dealt with. You won’t have to stress out about disposing all the leftover items you have.


Among the many services we offer, we proudly say that our construction clean up service is one of the biggest money savers for all of our clients. Imagine you just finished a very expensive renovation project and all you have left to do is take the leftover debris out. Instead of doing this smoothly like it should be done when you have professionals at hand, you messed up and damaged some of the renovations you’ve made. How annoying can that be? Our debris removal service will save you time and money, don’t cheap out on the last step of your project especially when it can cost you so much more.


The hot tub removal process is a seemingly simple process. However, if done incorrectly it can lead to massive amounts of tile, pipe, and wall damage. You need to hire an experienced staff for this job. The last thing you want is a damaged water pipe because you removed your tub incorrectly. That’ll amount to a repair bill so high that you won’t even comprehend why its happening when you could have easily avoided it if you hired pros. Don’t mess that one up.


Got a bunch of junk scattered across your yard? Our yard waste removal service included many services such as removing leaves, grass clippings waste, garden waste , flowers and plant waste, small tree and shrub trimming, wood chips, sawdust and many other services. Give us a call to find out more information regarding yard waste removal services.


There’s nothing quite like a clean workspace to make the heart sing.

15+ years experience in home, office and business garbage pickup Orange County.

We understand it’s hard to find good trash services , and that’s why we make it a priority to offer quality service at a fair price. We do it all from furniture disposal to construction clean up. We will even clean out entire homes, business, foreclosure situations and more. We look forward to working on your project.

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